Hello and welcome to my blog about everything college football!  I have developed a profound love and passion for college football over the years and would like to share my opinions and thoughts about the game I love.

I earned my bachelors degree at Arizona State University where I quickly joined the ever-rowdy yet fickle Gold Rush in the student section of Sun Devil Stadium.  At the time(2004), the Sun Devil offense was the one of the most prolific offenses in the Pac-10 behind Andrew Walter.  Before my time at ASU as a Sun Devil, I was a big fan of the Michigan State football program and of course my hometown UConn Huskies.  At the time, the Huskies were not nearly as good a program as they are today under current head coach Randy Edsall, but I loved them anyway.

I grew up as a sports fan when I came to ASU and felt what is was like to really, I mean REALLY be a part of a sports team.  College football has arguably the best fans of any sport anywhere in the United States and maybe even the world.  Case in point: just last week over 95,000 fans attended the Ohio States spring football game…Thats right, 95,000.  Thats more filled seats than some NFL teams could dream of attracting.  The dedication and involvement by alumni and students alike is unmatched, and that is one of the many reasons why I love college football.  Some of the best memories I will take away from ASU involve Sun Devil Stadium.  Whether it was the season working as a member of the Sun Devil Stadium groundscrew, or the game in 2004 when we upset the Hawkeyes.  Or that game in 2005 when we nearly upset USC during their reign of domination.  Of course after the half, Reggie Bush and LenDale White aka Thunder and Lightning decided to turn it on and pound out over 400 total yards of total offense on us.  Although that was a devastating loss, I will never forget the feeling at half time when we were 30 minutes from an upset of a certain national championship contender.

Again, a very warm welcome to my football blog. I hope you can share my enthusiasm and passion for college football and enjoy the articles I will be writing in the future.

– Jon


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